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SharePro Live

SharePro Live is the realtime server-application that calculates your risk – on a realtime basis. It serves as the backbone of the risk presentation while the markets are in session. RMS teams at the HO can view the LiveRMS using the SharePro Desktop. Branches and business partners can monitor it using the WebConnect browser based system.


Risk Information distributed across the Enterprise

Risk positions are monitored by the Risk teams at HO . But beside taht it is also available to the RMs, APs, SBs and Sales Team up and down the hierarchy. Even the clients can view their risk positions as seen by the broker on their web/mobile logins.

Unbilled Charges and Possible Losses

Even unbilled charges like DP charges, Interest charges and possible Auction Losses are provided for so that naked debits dont arise.

Integration Advantages

SharePro being an integrated software, risk positions can be monitored across all market segments and if need be across businesses e.g. Equities and Commodities.


  • NOTIS API Supporting software
  • Create file just like NOTIS Software.

It happens immediately as the trade is executed.

Yes, as the value of the collateral falls you will find this client being highlighted.
RMS team at HO can see this on their Desktop, the client’s branch can see it on the browser and the client themselves can view it in their web login.

  • Total debits (in all market segments)
  • Total Unbilled charges (DP & Interest)
  • Risk of possible Auction (in the 3 equity segments)
  • Total Margin requirements (in the derivative segments)
  • Total Uncleared Cheques
  • Offset risks with POA holdings and other collateral if permitted by client giving due consideration to fall in value before liquidation.
  • Minimum Machine Configuration:-
  • For NSE Exchange (NSE, NFO, NSE Currency):-
  • For BSE Segment:-
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