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The SharePro Scheduler – is an essential component for automating retail broking operations. All outgoing pre-formatted emails (signed or unsigned) are routed through this system. Initially designed to digitally sign and send documents, today even SMSs including OTPs are also routed through the Scheduler. 


Automates your Broking Operations

Bounced Mail Tracking

Bounced Mails can be tracked enabling sending of contracts and other statutory reports to such clients.

Automate file downloads

Files required for regulatory and risk systems can be auto downloaded without manual interventions.

Management Alerts

Tasks that dont need manual interventions can be set to run at a particular date/time. After execution the success/failure status will be intimated to certain mobile numbers / email IDs in the management.

Supports all SMS gateways

Configuring a new SMS gateway is now a simple task for your IT department.

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