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About Us

Standard Software Pvt. Ltd. is a specialized software company which creates back office systems for the stock broking industry. Our SharePro system, like any other back office system, assimilates a broker’s market segments, depositories as well as country-wide operations. However, unlike any other back office system, our system focuses majorly on constituting a ‘Single sign – in’ system within which Stansoft has even integrated the OS ticket (ticketing system), also available in our free

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SharePro Air mobile app. Our objective is to allow our brokers to deliver better service to their clients. With the help of a small team of about 15 – 20 software experts, we are able to offer customer satisfaction and sustain the existence of our brand in the market. We hold a strong policy of developing a ready-made software and instead of tailoring a new feature in a product for an individual client alone, we implement the same feature for all our clients for that particular product. Indulging all our clients equally in all aspects of our business is very essential to us.
Due to the committed nature of our company, over the past 28 years, our competitive advantage has grown to lie in our strong client relationships and customer loyalty. Taking these strengths to our advantage, we use word-of-mouth as our main method of promotion and allow our products to speak for themselves. Therefore, we have a high regional recognition and are still working on more advanced forms of marketing for a national identity.

Vision Statement: In a world where businesses are turning increasingly complex and dynamic, we hope to fulfill the demand for easy-to-use solutions to drive business processes.

Mission Statement: Our mission is to create simple solutions to complex problems in the financial industry and to enable our end users to achieve more by working less, and hence, allowing them more time and energy towards their core businesses. processes.

Development Centre

699F, Ustad Amir Ali Khan Sarani,
New Alipore, Block – “P”,
West Bengal 700053
+91 8420236155

Our Other locations


R. Gajendravelu
+91 9384043471

Digisoft Services:

Bhuvan Gupta


Rajendra Lakampalli
+91 9676819345


Sanjeev Walia
+91 9324477237

Contact Us

(033) 3508 6300 [Hunting]

699F, Ustad Amir Khan Sarani,
New Alipore, Block P,
Kolkata, West Bengal – 700053

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