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Personal Wealth Manager

If you are managing Broking Group companies, Owner Accounts or are an Individual Investor trading through a broker, PWM is the solution for you. It helps you to quickly and efficiently account for your investments in Equities, Derivatives and other market related investments.



Manages Portfolio and Accounting in your stakes in multiple segments of the Indian Markets

  • NSE and BSE Equities
  • NSE and BSE
  • Derivatives
  • NSE Currency
  • MCX and NCDEX
  • Commodities

Get 3rd Party Data

PWM gets its trade data from reading contracts provided by your brokers. Source can be :

  • HTML Contracts
  • PDF Contracts
  • Password Encrypted
  • PDFs

Multi-broker Support

Inbuilt support for Multiple-broker and their accounting.


Manage and Finalize LTCG and STCG from the system itself based on Historical data.

Auto Corporate Action

Support for automated handling of Corporate Actions.


Brokerwise Obligation matching and accounting supported.

Investment Accounting

Provision to seggregate Portfolio and Investments with complete Investment accounting.

Family Consolidation

Consolidate Accounts,Holdings and MIS for a family members on the fly.

An accounting software for individuals, families with special capabilities to handle Equity & Derivative transactions. Completely independant of the backoffice yet fully integrated with it with a one-click update.


In SharePro you can update these transactions at the touch of a button.

The system supports the HTML/PDF formats of a large number of brokers and back-office systems. However, it is very much possible that your broker’s contract may not have been programmed in the system. In such a situation, you will contact us with the a sample of the HTML/PDF contract of your broker and our programmers will study its structure. Unless the structure is malformed, we should be able to import that into PWM. Note that every such request for a contract compatibility is charged for separately.

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