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SharePro Desktop

The SharePro Desktop is the core-component of the SharePro Backoffice Suite,the workhorse and the operations center of the broking business. The teams at HO use this application to manage and run the broking show. Easy to use, easy to learn and extremely powerful, the SharePro Desktop is the heart of the whole operation of your business.

What is new?


The system now supports direct API download of files. Just click on a button and files are downloaded for import. Not just that, it now has an inbuilt FTP Client like tool to connect to the exchange.


SharePro now allows a complex method of charging interest. Not just the debits, you can charge interest on Applicable Margins after crediting Cash and Non-Cash components based on a formula. You can even calculate collaterals purely on Accepted Re-Pledges for greater accuracy.


Inbuilt reKYC

Your web clients can now request modifications or closures of their accounts using Aadhaar based eSigning. Modifications include Address, Nominee modification or Opt-out, Banks, DP accounts, Cell and email Id change, Authorised representatives, etc.

API based

The latest compliance requirements of API based submissions are fully supported in the system. Just click-and -deliver data to the exchanges in their prescribed calculations. Upload Daily Bank Book, Holdings and weekly Cash and Cash equivalents.

Strict on Compliance

Quarterly Settlements

Release funds automatically after retaining retainables.

Supports First-Friday of the Quarter and 30-day-no-trade system of settlement.


  • Ledgers across segments
  • Uncleared cheques
  • Specified %age of Span
  • Future Payins
  • Allowed Retainables

GST Enabled

  • eInvoice and QRCode support
  • Support for Incoming and Outgoing Invoices
  • Charges like Demat Charges, Interest, Penalties are Invoices.
  • Series Support for Non-broking Invoices
  • Invoices are Digitally Signed and eMailed
  • GSTR-1 Support
  • GSTR-2 Awaited
  • GSTR-3B Support
  • Offline GST Tool Compatible file generation

Continuous debit Clients Block/Unblock File

  • Generation of clients continuous n no of days debit file for frontend engine, so that client can not puchase further
  • Generation of file for the clients to unblock them those who had continous debit previously but now there is credit and they can purchase further

Segregation and Monitoring

SharePro automatically allocates collateral with CM/CC and TM bank balances into Clients based on their credits.

Regular Reporting

System supports regular reporting options using files or APIs. This include :
  • Enhanced Supervision presentationicon
  • Standardization Uploads : Holding [both file and API]
  • Client-level Cash-Equivalent
  • Holdings and matched before reporting.
  • Totally API based no-human intervention uploads
  • Segregation and allocation, both BOD and EOD. 
  • Allocation short reporting 

Inbuilt PMLA Provisions

The system supports wide varierty of PMLA provisions like Alerts, popups and Queries to track and identify suspicious activities going on in your business. Since, PMLA is still a fuzzy subject, StanSoft works very hard to update and introduce new queries to tackle new interpretations of odd behaviour.

  • SEBI Banned List Control
  • Client Risk Categories
  • Auto Client Suspension
  • Comprehensive queries on gaps, disproportionate trading patterns

Fully Digital

Digitally signing and despatching is inbuilt into the system and does not require any 3rd Party application at all.

  • Send any Report to clients, APs, branches with a single click.
  • Digitally sign any Report and Contracts Notes.
  • eMail Control Center to track despatch and log of mails.
  • Bounced Mail Tracking 
  • API based file downloads using ExtraNet APIs.

Inbuilt KRA Provisions

SharePro allows users to handle Client KRA registrations effectively and easily. It handles :

  • Generation of KRA uploads in CDSL,NSDL and even NSE-DotEx formats
    import of KRA status files
  • Import of Bulk KRA verification utility of
  • CDSL, NSDL and even NSE-DotEx

Inspection Reports

  • Register of Securities
  • Exchange and Clients Turnover Report
  • Client’s Annual Global Transaction Statement (AGTS)
  • Order Book import and Report
  • Client Register as per Exchange format
  • Client Ledger Balance with collateral and last traded date
  • Statutory Report for those who have not given Running Account Letter

Margin Reporting

  • Combined Reporting – System of Allocation of Deposits across Segments-Exchanges.
  • Historical Reporting Reports
  • CM Segment Reporting included
  • Complete M2M Recovery Handling
  • Margin Reporting to Client for all Segments

cKYC System


  • CKYC Control Center where we can add or modify clients data and generate batch for CKYC System
  • CKYC Bulk Request
  • Export for Client
    Update CKYC Number

Digital Audit Trail

  • Each critical operation is logged in the system.
  • Imported or Exported files are archived in the database.
  • A complete Audit Trail for critical data changes – Journals, Banks, Clients, DP details, etc. – is maintained
  • Completely covers the MCA notification dated March 24,2021

Complete CUSPA Operations

  • Configurable system to moved Shares to CUSA on Debits.
  • Automatic CUSA Release
  • CUSA Liquidation Support on P+5
  • CUSA Liquidation warning System

Compliance is the number one priority for our users, and so for us. SharePro has an enviable record of delivering compliance related releases before time. Be it Quarterly settlements, Enhanced Supervision, Margin Reporting Enhancements, we have done it first and accurately,

Interface Elements

These are interface features available in all StanSoft Products. For instance, the reporting engine is available in all StanSoft products and have no specific relationship to SharePro Desktop.


Dynamic grouping of entities in all reports of the system. Go ahead and create infinite groups of Clients, Shares, Branches, and APs. See reports -detailed or summaries – based on any combination of entity groupings.

SharePro supports a system of selections for Reporting and other work.For instance, a report could be viewed for a group of clients randomly selected or selected on the basis of a logic.

Group your Clients, Branches, APs, Instruments in any number of groups and filter reports, processing for specific groups or even Group Reports on these custom groups.

  • eMail Templates
  • SMS Templates
  • Web Messaging
  • Web Survey
  • Web Agreements
  • Event-Driven Messaging

SharePro becomes your primary document repository with instant availability to Clients,APs and Branches

  • Save documents and images at Client,Branch and AP.
  • Save Cheque and Invoice Images
    Save Employee Profiles,
  • Agreements at Employee level
  • One Click eMailing
  • Yahoo Finance Integration
  • Maps Integration
  • SMS Integration

The system tightly integrates with MS Office and OpenOffice.

System integrates a proprietory reporting engine that supports on the fly pdf, xls, doc and csv generation. The engine is highly customizable and allows for self-defined layouts and columns.

3rd Party Integration

SharePro integrates with Payment Gateways to enable Clients to make online payments to you. Once a payment is made, it has the following impact: a) The Client’s ledger is immediately credited and b) Front-end exposure is updated (optional)
Currently supported Gateway: Atom, RazorPay

SharePro integrates with popular eKyc systems to enable them to push new Trading and Depository Clients into the system without any manual intervention.
Currently supported products : XtremeSoft, KycVenus

The Web Application integrates with your own CRM or Browser based trading engines by allowing one-click login into the Backoffice. The client clicks and backoffice dashboard opens in a new browser window
Published endpoints allow third-party tools, inhouse systems to fetch JSON data representing Reports and MIS for display. Can perform other tasks too.
  • Regulatory and other reports auto-emailed based on scheduled timings
  • Physical contracts triggered by bounced eMails
  • Client level integration with 3rd party document managers and own internal document storage facility for ease of retrieval.
  • MF Distribution module
  • Scanned images to be stored on free online storage drives.
  • Insurance Module

Innovations in Broking

SharePro can now directly interface with Omnesys. Clients and Dealers can now simply be created or modified in SharePro and instantly reflect in Omnesys. Changes in Ledger Balances instantly reflect in Omnesys. This means that the moment an accounting entry (Payment or Receipt) is made in the system [with proper authorisation, of course], it affects the available exposure of the Clients in Omnesys

Your clients can make online payments to you through the backoffice system ensuring 3rd party compliances. Once a payment is through, the client gets an instant effect on his Ledger and Available Exposure in the Front-Office Integration [If integration is opted]. Additionally, integrate the “Make Payment” button on your website or browser trading engine without requiring a client login
SharePro now supports f​ull management of Leads for staff logins , manages the history of the lead and also generates Staff Incentives against converted Leads. It also helps brokers to reactivate Inactive Clients and initiates new client contact with Missed Calls..
An eMail verification system activates new accounts. The client needs to click on the link on the mail to verify his eMail ID with the system before the account opening process starts.
The phone numbers and eMail IDs of all Clients can be hidden from all backoffice users yet a user can talk to the client simply by clicking on a button. 


The system can be integrated with third party vender for EKYC based on API 
The system can generate the liquidation order file to square of the position or holding of the margin/POA share

Risk Managed Operations

The system supports completely risk managed automated Funds Payouts. Wide variety of, and across segment, risk factors are analyzed and only payables are paid ensuring coverage. The following are considered

  • Client Web Requests for Payout
  • Ledgers across segments
  • Uncleared cheques
  • Applicable Margin
  • Future Payins with Markup
  • DP Debits
  • Accrued DP Bills
  • Accrued Interest

Deliveries are made directly from the system automatically and after due consideration to :

  • Ledgers across segments
  • Uncleared cheques
  • Applicable Margin
  • Purchase Positions
  • Sale Positions
  • DP Debits
  • Accrued DP Bills
  • Accrued Interest

The system has a highly configurable provision of uploading available Exposure and Positions for the popular frontend engines.

  • Highly Configurable
  • Profile Based
  • Customized Haircuts
  • Auto RMS Blocking
  • Formula based with Markup provision
  • Ledgers across segments
  • Uncleared cheques
  • Margin and POA Shares
  • Purchase Positions with Markdown
  • Sale Positions with Markup
  • Accrued DP Bills
  • Accrued Interest

SharePro users consistently deliver payments using Transfers, RTGS or NEFT in the formats of the leading banks of the country. Payments can be made to :

  • Clients against Fund Payouts
  • APs, Dealers, RMs for Commission
  • Employees for Salaries
  • Other Payees for Expenses

NBFC funding and redemption is automated and based on risk parameters which calculate the fundable limits based on :

  • Valuation of Approved Shares
  • Margin %ages
  • Ledgers in other Segments


SharePro users can take the portfolio report with charges for to their clients for IT returns filling perpose.

The Report is also showing the trading profit and shortterm and longterm profit with cost.

This Report is showing the debit amount of the clients and how much share is lying in margin account and POA account
This Report is showing the number of days the clients have continous debit

A Complete Business solution

Highly flexible Interest or Late Payment calculation system.
The system supports Arbitrager commission calculation and detailed reporting like no other.
Totally supports your business with Institutions.
SharePro is a complete corporate accounting solution and includes Stock-in-Trade and Investment Accounting of the enterprise.

The normal broking operations integrate with your ancillary businesses in :

  • PMS
  • NBFC
  • MF Distribution
  • Depositories
  • PWM
  • Realtime RMS

SharePro comes with a solid automated Demat Delivery system supporting:

  • POA Operations
  • Early Payin Support
  • Full Integration with DP Business

Full support for pre-paid Brokerage schemes currently used by discounted brokerages.

  • Highly Configurable
  • Automatic Brokerage adjustment
  • Automatic Expiry
  • Automatic Renewal Provision

SharePro comes with an inbuilt CRM for your internal hierarchy. Apart from being a total servicing tool, as the CRM also provides

  • Logins for everyone in the hierarchy
  • Hierarchical Performance
  • Maintain Appointments
  • Prospect Management
  • Service Clients

the controls for setting up and configuring all this is provided in the SharePro Desktop.

A great tool if you have NRI business. No need to create separate Clients for buy and sell obligations.


SharePro user access control is based on providing granular access to User Groups and then throwing users into groups. The system provides or denies access to specific application menu items to even specific data pertaining to an entity – for instance, it is possible to specifically deny access to users to Client DP or Bank Details.


Data in the system can be locked for specific date ranges or locked using Dynamic logic. For instance, data can be automatically locked for T-2. Meaning, that everyday, the data of two days prior is locked by the system and cannot be modified by normal users.


Data of important clients – HNI, Company Directors, Sensitive entities – can be hidden and protected from Users. For instance, you may want to prevent certain users in your organisation not to be able to view the trade or ledger details of a Company director. In SharePro, this is possible.


Specific Account Ledgers – like Salaries, Rent , etc., – can be completely hidden from specific users. This allows you to protect company’s confidential information from users of the system who , say, service Clients only.


  • Single Window Client Servicing
  • Integrated POA Operations
  • Auto Corporate Actions


  • Support for Early Payin of Funds
  • Hold Back Margin Ageing
  • Support for Client referral Commission


  • Branch Accounting
  • Cheque Scanning
  • Full Fledged CKYC system

SharePro is backed by a dedicated team of developers and support engineers with vast experience in the domain as well as technology. With high retention (10+), StanSoft has a capable team of people who are here to stay and can :

  • Develop Fast using our Unique methods
  • Migrate you from other systems using pre-written tools
  • Train your team Effectively
  • Support you Efficiently
  • Help you scaleup
  • Ensure you get the best of the system
  • Stay up to date with Business requirements
  • Keep up with Regulatory requirements
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