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Why Client-Server and Browser?

Inside the HO, SharePro works as a Desktop Application for those who process and service the business. For the outside world – for Clients, APs, In-the-field CRM users, RMs, Fund Managers, etc – it works as a browser application providing an attractive presentation layer and information hub. This combination of a Desktop and Web application framework is time-tested and the most successful combination for a dynamic business. Some of the worlds large-scale enterprise applications – like SAP and Oracle Retail – use this model to provide the best solutions for the industry.


Process and Crunch on the Desktop

Nothing beats the richness of the interface of a desktop application – from quick hierarchical presentations, windows controls, non-modal forms and multi-select functions. Imagine doing complex operations like Monitoring live risk, Auto-making payouts of Shares and Money, and Settling Quarterly settlements using the restrictive interface of a browser ! It is no wonder that the, so called thin-client, browser-based applications have by-and-large failed to deliver on that front. No wonder, The largest enterprise-wise applications in today’s world – like Oracle Financials and SAP – are still largely desktop client-server apps.

The browser for Outsiders

But Clients and Associates use the presentable browser-based applications that need not necessarily involve complex crunching but work as a presentation layer. The browser based App works for :

  • Clients at home
  • Clients on the Move on the cellphone
  • Associates like APs and Fund Managers
  • Employees like Sales Reps, RMs and
  • Customer service executives
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