The SharePro reKYC Module allows your Clients to make Aadhaar e-Signed Account Modification and Closure Requests. Clients can update their account information, like Address, Bank and DP details, Nominee, and others, from their web logins.

No more manual modifications in Trading Client Master and make BO Modification in Depositories.

How does it work?


The modification request can be made from right within the Web Login provided to the client. No need to provide a separate application.

Modify Anything

Allows modification of Mobile Number., eMail ID, Address, Date-of-Birth,  Income Range, Authorized Representative, Nominee Details, DDPI, DP and Bank Accounts and Segments.

Integrated Modification

Once the HO Authorised-agent verifies and accepts the change, the change percolates to trading and DP Accounts of the client. No need to manage complex API calls.

NSDL e-Signing

reKYC uses NSDL’s eSigning service for signing the final PDF files

Full communication

Each request, it’s acceptance and rejection is backed by a full email trail. The clients are intimated of each step and status through configurable mails.

Complete Trial

The system will maintain eth entire trail for requests, their acceptance and rejection status and will also permanently store the uploaded documents for future reference