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PMS Fund Manager

If you are a SEBI Registered Fund Manager offering composite products to your clients, or an Advisory service working through a custodian, SharePro PMS is just the kind of product that you need. If you are a broker already using SharePro for your backoffice, or a PMS Fund Manager/Advisory working with third-Party brokers, you need to take a serious look at SharePro PMS. Used and time tested by some of the demanding and high volume fund managers of the country, this can be the vital piece of your PMS business.


The Fund Manager's Backoffice

Integrated or StandAlone

Integrates with your broking operations seemlessly and works great for brokers who already use SharePro as their broking backoffice solution. Completely eliminates movement of files,contracts to get things done.But , whats more, also works great as a standalone solution for PMS fund Managers and Advisory services.

Pool or Non-Pool

Offer Pool Based operations where trading is done on a single UCC and then allocated between clients based on algorithms or Direct operations [as for NRIs] under direct UCCs registered with broker.


Supports multiple segments of the Indian Markets

  • NSE and BSE Equities
  • NSE and BSE Derivatives
  • NSE Currency
  • Mutual Funds – whether MFSS or through
  • Distributors

Auto Fund Allocation

Manage multiple products and generate Orders in products [or overall] based on Fund availability of Clients and your market perspective. Go ahead and generate offline order files for direct execution at popular CTCL systems.

Multi-broker Support

Inbuilt support for Multi-broker Operations

Auto Corporate Actions

Handle dividends, splits, bonus and other corporate actions simply and effect the portfolios accordingly. Available funds and Cash-Equivalents are affected accordingly.

Model Portfolios

Supports creation and management of Composition Models in equities. Allot models to Individual Client deployments and execute trades based on models. Models work as a detailed suggestive composition for holdings and can be changed with effective dates based on changing market perception.

Synch with 3rd Party Data

Provision to import 3rd Party Contracts or external files into the system to affect accurate and error-free trade positions for a day.

  • HTML Contracts
  • PDF Contracts
  • Password Encrypted PDFs

Auto Corporate Action

Support for automated handling of Corporate Actions.

Client Reporting

Provide comprehensive performance and tax reports to your clients through the system or through web-logins. Reports not only provide performance evaluation, NAV and Cash-Equivalent breakups, but also full-fledged comparison with popular indices via-a-vis the fund's performance.

Corporate Accounting

Integrates simply with the SharePro Corporate Accounting model and works as a cost-center. Bills generated on Clients or Obligations generated on brokers are treated as corporate entries. No need to maintain external accounting tools for your PMS business.

Custodian and NRI Handling

Provides full support for Custodial obligation handling where Clients settle through custodials and reporting and files need to be provided to fund handlers.

Comprehensive Billing

Detailed and comprehensive charge setup for Loads, Management Fees and Performance Fees based on High Water mark. Charges are customised as a group or directly at the Client level.

SEBI Reporting

Provides full Compliance and SEBI reporting of Discretionary and Non-discretionary services.

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