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Retail Brokers

Retail broking is all about innovation and entrepreneurship and a backoffice for retail should support innovation and new ideas and concepts. 

If you’re looking to venture into retail as an institutional broker, looking to expand your existing retail business – SharePro might be a great addition.

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Today the cost of compliance has become the single biggest item (in terms of time and effort) for a retail broker. SharePro takes care of most of your compliance needs - be it, tasks like KRA client registration, PMLA profiling, CKYC updation OR the regular ongoing items like Quarterly settlements, handling 3rd party deliveries and payments, Bounced mail tracking, handling Banned Entities, etc.. Even a backlog updation has become a simple matter with SharePro's powerful ToDo System.

Support for Trading Engines

SharePro is compatible with :

  • Most (CTCL) Trading Systems for limit and holding files including T-1 holdings (for BTST)
  • Atom & Tech Process to receive incoming funds from clients for additional exposure
  • Early Payin of Funds and Securities (generates the transfer and also the exchange intimation files) to release blocked exposure

Varied Operations

Supports popular operational methods

  • All Indian exchange market segments
  • Supports both depositories CDSL & NSDL
  • Works with 3rd party DPs for those without their own DP
  • Supports both Trading and Clearing members


The brokerage setup is vastly configurable. Simple control mechanisms can be setup for e.g. Franchise payouts are witheld till client dues are collected. Till date calculated interest can be withheld when making payments to clients. A variety of prepaid schemes and franchise arrangements can be defined.

SharePro Components

Click on the links provided to get a more in-depth view of each component:

  • SharePro Desktop is the core component
  • Emailing of digital contracts would require the ssScheduler component
  • Web logins for clients would require the SharePro CRM component
  • Mobile access for your clients would require SharePro AIR
  • When the client base increases, SharePro Live RMS monitors the live risk

Daily Routines

  • Generation of limits and holdings files for trading
  • Early Payins and Normal Payins Deliveries
  • Integration with ATOM & TechProcess Funds Payins available
  • Settlement of accounts with combined funds and securities payouts
  • Auto-Cheques and Fund Transfer payouts
  • Automated import of various exchange files for system updation
  • Complete Post Trade process
  • Settlement of delivery shortages through exchange auctions
  • Settlement of client 2 client delivery shortages by the broker 


  • Clients get the benefits of a single “Sign-On” for all activities
  • NBFC Funding is integral to the system
  • PMS works both as a standalone unit as well as integrated
  • Financial Transactions are internally segregated branch-wise and also market segment-wise
  • Multi-threaded Email System for digitally signing and tracking bounced emails
  • Multiple strategies for Scanned Document storage 
  • Complete client portfolios for a more useful annual IT statement for clients.
  • Powerful and popular ticketing (complaints) system integration
  • Unlimited-level sales team with performance tracking at every level
  • Easy to manage Buy-Back workflow with minimal manual interventions

Corporate Actions

Handle dividends, splits, bonus and other corporate actions  :

  • To Synchronize the Backoffice DP Account positions with those of the actual DP Accounts 
  • To Synchronize the Client Portfolio positions provided by the Backoffice with the client’s actual positions


  • Market account books in Backoffice with the settlement accounts
  • Broker’s DP Accounts in Backoffice with actual holdings and actual transactions
  • Computed STT with Actual charged STT by exchange
  • Client’s Dividend received in bank with Dividend creditted to clients
  • Backoffice Turnover with Exchange Turnover figures
  • Bank statement in Backoffice with the Bank “Passbook” 
  • Undelivered shares of PRO in a Stock In Transit account

The answer is in the organization of the web interface:

  1. The SharePro web interface opens with a dashboard that has most of the information in a single summarized view.
  2. All figures shown on this dashboard drill down to detailed reports.
  3. A tool bar gives clients quick access to some common reports not available through the dashboard.
  4. New reports open as new tabs in a tabbed interface keeping earlier reports still open.
  5. A hidden report menu on the left side gives a tree view of the complete list of reports possible.
  6. The header tab can be minimized for larger view area of the dashboard.
  7. Clicking on the Documents icon opens up a new tab to show the client’s scanned documents
  8. Securities holdings indicate any Buybacks and the client can initiate their participation process. They can keep changing their selling quantities and rate till the final date. 
  9. Client has the option to update their portfolios with buys and sells through other brokers (if any) to have a more complete portfolio.
  • The Client
  • A non-trading DP Client
  • Family Groups

Your Employees like:

  • Own Branches
  • Sales Teams
  • Investor Grievances team
  • Account Opening (KYC) Team
  • Telecallers at a different location

Business Partners like:

  • Authorized Persons or Sub-Brokers
  • Dealers
  • Relationship Managers
  • Franchisee’s backoffice staff
  • Franchisee’s RMS staff
  • Franchisee’s Sales people
  • Franchisee’s KYC people

Presently only the Client can access the mobile app. They can view all their information and also make cheque and securities payout requests. They can also track their complaints.

SharePro integrates all retail broking activities seamlessly – leaving you to focus on your business.

In fact, once SharePro is installed, updation of any module or all the modules can be done by downloading a single set of files. Have a look at our Update Download Page.

Exporting from one module, and re-importing into a different module is not required if the modules are from the same vendor – as each module knows where to find the necessary data and simply uses the data or updates it.

Keeps the headaches for IT teams to the bare minimum as each software has a separate installation setup, separate agreements/contract, separate configurations to be maintained, different software updation modalities and even  separate support helpdesks. Identifying the problem area when two different softwares/vendors are involved has always been a pain area and will continue to remain so.

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