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SharePro AIR

With the SharePro AIR Mobile App for iOS, Android and Windows your clients stay in touch with you 24/7. Using the free SharePro AIR App, your clients can access their Portfolios, Ledgers, Obligations, DP holdings, Dues and Balances from anywhere!

Besides viewing their transactions, they can manage their funds and securities and subscribe to buy backs, etc..




With the SharePro AIR Mobile App for iOS, Android and Windows your clients stay in touch with you 24/7. Using the free SharePro AIR App, your clients can access their Portfolios, Ledgers, Obligations, DP holdings, Dues and Balances from anywhere!

How to get started ?

The App can be downloaded by your Clients directly from the stores, by searching for "SharePro AIR" , or by clicking a link on your website. The Links, Badges and QRCodes are provided above for you to download and test. You can place the Badges at strategic places on your website to encourage your clients to download and install the App. Once the app is downloaded and installed by your client, a List of SharePro Brokers is presented to them and they have to choose YOU from the list. Once you are chosen, and the Register button pressed, your Client's App is LOCKED to you and they are never asked to choose their broker again. Thats it !! This is followed by the Login window where your client needs to enter their SharePro Credentials which are already with them. Once logged in, they need not logout and can directly access their Dashboard by clicking on the App Icon on their cell phone screen.

How do I roll this out to clients?

You can start the live testing of the App in-house or with personal Clients straight away by taking the following steps :

  • Make an informal request for inclusion of your Name and Logo in the List of SharePro users in the App by sending a mail to
  • Once your request is received, our team shall contact you and Upgrade the SharePro Connect Application at your HO.
  • Once done, you can start downloading SharePro AIR on your cell phones for live testing. You can even give the App to some of your clients for their feedback and comments.
  • After the live testing at your end and training your customer service executives you can announce it to all your clients.
  • Fill in the SharePro AIR Broker License Agreement and courier it to us. This is the official request for inclusion.

What will it cost?

SharePro AIR is absolutely free for your client to download and use. However, in the free version, just for one time, he may need to choose YOU from a list of Brokers using SharePro to register with you. If you are keen on personal branding or need your own version of the App specially branded for you, you can look at the Unique Branded Edition explained on the right hand side or below. Shared option (free of cost) - Shared version, as explained above, is free. However, it requires your client to choose your firm from a list of brokers displayed. This is just a one-time Registration process and locks the Client to your firm. During regular use the app logs in automatically unless the user has logged out.

Most of the business of products and services have already moved to the mobile environment. Just imagine the convenience to your clients when they can access their real-time figures on the cell phone itself and without the need for repeated logins. We anticipate that 60% of your Clients will conveniently move to SharePro AIR by 31st March, 2017 and you should encourage and speedup the process. You should :

  1. Announce the availability of the Cell phone App yourself to your clients using SharePro Template eMails feature.
  2. Maybe send out SMS messages to draw your clients to the Google Play store for easy download.
  3. Upgrade your website to announce the availability.


Data Safety: No data is stored anywhere on Stansoft properties and the app acts merely as a conduit between the broker’s server and the client.

The users’ devices will automatically alert them when the new versions are available for updation unless of course if these alerts notifications have not been disabled by the users themselves.]

This is a great time to get going and improving your services !!

If you are Brand Conscious and would like to promote your own brand of the App, you need to ask for a quote from StanSoft. In this case, our developers will, in consultancy with you, create a new App that :

  • Does not present any Brokers List to the user, but rather the App is Pre-locked to you.
  • Use your own Logo on the Desktop of your Client’s Cell phone.
  • Use your own Logo and branded images and snapshots in the Apple, Android and Windows appstores.

Whether you choose the free option or the paid option,  you do not have the headache of testing, deploying, hosting, maintaining and undergoing the appstore reviews with every new update we release – all that is taken care of by StanSoft.

Presently only the Client can access the mobile app. They can view all their information and also make cheque and securities payout requests. They can also track their complaints.

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