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With a history of over 25 years, it is not surprising that over 40% of our clients began their broking business with SharePro backoffice.
For our support and implementation team, training a new broker in the backoffice system is something that we do regularly.
(right side a list of the last 10 new brokers)

For New Broker

Discussion and evaluation of the critical processes leading to Best Practices.

  • Brokerage
  • Combinations
  • Account Opening
  • Securities Borrowing for Payin if required
  • Securities Payin
  • streamlining
  • Securities Payout operations
  • Management of slipbooks
  • Fund movements and financing for settlements
  • Fund payouts of settling clients
  • Flushing/Settlement of Running Accounts
  • Daily compliance checklists
  • Auction Processes & Policies
  • Monthly DP billing
  • Monthly interest charges
  • Monthly sharing of brokerage with partners

Helping the staff to create a work manual, using of various options in SharePro and working out TATs (Turn Around Time) for various types of customer service requests.

Migrating from existing Backoffice

It starts with verifying whether all the 3rd party interfaces are already in the SharePro system or a new one will have to be created.
This includes Bank statement formats, ECS file formats, DP transaction/holding statements and transaction uploads, and similarly for other 3rd party ECN despatchers, CTCL Trading systems, etc..
A Data capture list is created for rolling over to the new software on any given date.

Data Capture may include :
1) Client masters
2) Client brokerage setups
3) Old Trade import and brokerage checking
4) Accounting balances (banks,clients and others),
5) Unsettled settlements i.e. trade is processed in old software but settlement will happen from the new software,
6) Demat clientwise holdings,
7) BRS for every bank,
8) Client and House/PRO Portfolio positions,
9) Jobbers Arbitrage positions,
10) Historical data,
11) Aging data,
12) Pre-paid brokerage data,
13) Running account settled dates
14) DP instructions generated from old software but not uploaded for execution

We ensure Implementation of required changes before the cutoff date or coming up with an alternative plan.
We help you manage operations at the time of the switch-over smoothly.
This includes training of departmentwise staff and building their confidence.

Conversion of old data
For an effective client Single Sign-On old reports must also be provided through sharepro. This is however optional.
Old software can then be taken offline and used only for forensic purposes, court orders and income tax scrutiny.

The choice of hardware is a major decision you need to take to make an efficient backoffice operation setup. The right setup should be a balance of Server Hardware, SQL Edition, Storage Devices and considering a RAID array for safety.

Here are the Database & Web Server Requirements

Here’s a Basic Network Diagram

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