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Depository Participants

The SharePro CDSL/NSDL module help you manage the complete operations of DP. Starting with entering the new client account details to upload to the DPM/CDAS system and then updating the backoffice with the return files to create the new Beneficiary account either for a client or a clearing member. SharePro from then on operates all the daily instructions with maker/checker, DIS upload, periodic billing and right upto account freeze/ transmission/ closure.   The SharePro backoffice provides the DP staff with multiple terminals for DP related work and setting up various rate cards for billing and also provide securities holdings data to the trading backoffice and even the front office systems.

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Integrated with Trading

Integrates with your trading operations seamlessly and great for your clients to make POA Payins. It can also work as a standalone system and work with different trading backoffice systems.

Transaction Processes

  • Quick View for viewing current holding, transactions, ledger (Equity ledgers also)
  • Displaying transaction carrying out cost
  • Enter and upload with Maker/Checker facility to DPM/eDPM/CDAS
  • Reading Response files of batch uploads

Multiple rate cards and charges

   SharePro DP Supports

  • Multiple grouping of Clients by branch, group,category, despatch & commission
  • DP rate cards for AMC, Demat & Transactions with fixed, min, max and % basis
  • Courier/Transmission/Documentation charges w/o Service Tax
  • Special rates for own clients, branch clients
  • Commission for franchisees


  • Flexible Billing frequency
  • Statement of Holdings & Transactions attached
  • Combinations like Summmary statement by mail and detailed statement by email
  • Label Printing as per despatch groups

SharePro Features

All standard SharePro Desktop features are available including BRS reconciliation, Financial Accounts, etc.

SharePro Components required

Only the SharePro Desktop is required. Emailing of digital contracts would require the ssScheduler component. Web logins for clients would require the SharePro CRM component and mobile access for your clients would require SharePro AIR

Transaction Types

  • Demat /Remat,
  • Pledge and Closure with confirmation,
  • Repurchase,
  • Transmission
  • On/Off Market Transfers,
  • Inter Depository (NSDL CDSL)
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