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SharePro Desktop

The SharePro Desktop is the core-component of the SharePro Backoffice Suite,the workhorse and the operations center of the broking business. The teams at HO use this application to manage and run the broking show. Easy to use, easy to learn

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SharePro Connect

SharePro Connect is the web-server application that caters to Clients, Branches, APs, Employees, Fund Managers, etc., through the web browser. Built using the latest web technologies and libraries, it is the face of your organization to the outside world.

SharePro Live

SharePro Live is the server-application that calculates your risks and Margins on a near-realtime basis. It serves as the backbone of the risk presentation while the markets are in session. RMS teams at the HO can view the LiveRMS using the standard SharePro Desktop application

SharePro PMS

If you are a SEBI Registered Fund Manager or an Advisory Service, SharePro PMS is just the kind of product that you need to service customers and regulators and manage your books. Integrates with SharePro Desktop and also available standalone.

eKYC and reKYC

Clients logged into the web version can lodge Modification or Closure requests using Aadhaar eSigning. Agents at HO accept or reject the requests based on submitted documents.


Margin Trading Facility

“Margin Trading Facility” or MTF supports your Funding operation to Clients against Collateral deposits, and all using the same Trading UCC. Handles operation, reporting, and MIS.


The SharePro CDSL/NSDL module help you manage the complete operations of DP. Starting with entering the new client account details to upload to the DPM/CDAS system and then updating the backoffice with the return files to create the new Beneficiary account either for a client or a clearing member. 

Service Management

Get the world’s most popular customer support ticket system in SharPro. osTicket is a widely-used and trusted open source support ticketing system. It seamlessly routes inquiries created via email, web forms, and phone calls into a simple, easy-to-use, multi-user, web-based customer support platform.

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Digital Router

The Digital Router [earlier called Scheduler] – is a server component for automating retail broking operations. All outgoing pre-formatted emails (signed or unsigned) are routed through this system. Initially designed to digitally sign and send documents, today even SMSs including OTPs are also routed through the Scheduler.


Automator is a server application that accomplishes special tasks at a preset time. It can handle Hundreds of SharePro tasks that eliminate manual intervention from operations of a repetitive nature.

Sales Management

Sales management is the coordination of people & resources to reach a sales goal.
Sales management is a business discipline which is focused on the practical application of sales techniques and the management of a firm’s sales operations.

SharePro AIR

With the SharePro AIR Mobile App for iOS and Android clients, stay in touch with you 24/7. Using the free SharePro AIR App, your clients can access their Portfolios, Ledgers, Obligations, DP holdings, Dues and Balances from anywhere!


PWM, short for “Personal Wealth Management” system, is an invaluable Accounting and MIS tool for an Individual or Corporate dealing in the Indian Stock Markets.

restAPI and other APIs

SharePro exposes itself to third-party tools and systems with published REST API. Simply get the API and integrate reports and
features of the system

MF Distribution

Still a work-in-progress, SharePro will soon integrate your Mutual Fund Distribution business into the same platform.

We have been using SharePro backoffice Software for our broking business since 2010.....we have found it user friendly and comprehensive.
K.S.Chandra Mouli, (Senior Project Executive)
Indbank Merchant Banking Services Ltd.
…very convenient and helpful. We are satisfied with the features and the performance of the software. It is a complete back office solution.
Sudipto Datta
Compliance Officer Stewart & Mackertich
We ave been using SharePro since 2008 and very satisfied with the features and performance of the software. Support Service from the Stansoftware Team is very proactive and excellent.
Nilesh Dhruv
SVP Keynote Capitals Ltd.
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